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The Power of Saying I WANT


I have been a very naughty blogger in the past month. I have had zero consistency in keeping in touch with you, but there is a reason for that. No, I’m not hiding any crazy secret, and my well of bloggy topics did not dry up. I read this book, and had to prioritize a […]

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3 easy, actionable steps to have the best day ever, NOW.

Hey there!
There are lots of cool and amazing morning rituals out there to help you have the best day… writing gratitude lists, doing sun salutations, drinking hot lemon water, etc. And yes, these are all REALLY good. But as a coach, a toddler mom, and an entrepreneur, I find it most important to go after […]

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The One Word Standing Between You and Your Success

A few days ago, I received a Facebook message from a college friend of mine. She had seen that I put myself back on the Weight Watchers program to get back to my optimum shape (10.5 lbs down so far, yay!), and reached out to me about it. I LOVED what she said in her […]

By |August 24th, 2015|Blog|2 Comments

Ten Things To Do Right Now to Love Your Body

Warning: I swear in this post, so if you get offended by that kind of stuff, you might want to skip it. 😉

I’m having a moment. Last month I was OVER myself- I returned from my vacation and totally cringed at the photos at the girl starting back at me in the pictures. I felt […]

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How to quit “shoulding” all over yourself

Today I took a sick day from teaching. My throat is sore, my energy is low, and I’m smack in the middle of a summer cold. I didn’t intend to take a sick day today, because class is only 45 minutes, and usually if I’m feeling under the weather I just suck it up and […]

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