Could this be the unifying force we need right now?

Last week’s election was unforgettable. For some it was painful and for others, triumphant. But perhaps most notably, the election showed us that we are divided. We are seething with hurt, anger, and sadness on both sides of the fence. Didn’t it feel like the immediate aftermath felt like the air had been sucked out of […]

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Gratitude in Motion: A free 21-day challenge!

Join me on November 21, 2016 for Gratitude in Motion: 21 Days of Movement for the Soul. 21 days, 21 moves to execute for only one minute (or as long as you wish) per day. The moves range from dynamic stretches to dance moves, and everything in between. Call it moving meditation, call it a one minute […]

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Video: Taking Action Despite Fear

On taking action despite fear.
Last week I had a particularly vulnerable post-show conversation on DB365 with our host JD. He asked me about fear. What was I afraid of, but still taking action despite that fear?

My answer? I’m stepping up my game and putting myself out there in a big way. I want to do […]

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Erika discusses being a role model on

On being a role model:
During a recent post-show discussion on DB365, I sat down with our host JD Roberto to discuss the importance of standing for excellence. He asked me if I consider myself a role model for my daughter and other women. Watch the video for my answer (spoiler alert: I do).

My goal as a […]

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Beat Insecurity with one simple exercise.

Last week, I was floating on a giant inflatable flamingo while enjoying a cute summer Friday with my girlfriends when I received a text from my boss at Daily Burn, reading: “Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

My first and immediate thought was “I’m fired.”

Now, I have no ACTUAL reason to believe I should […]

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Fitness is fun- “Erika on Fire” on Daily Burn!

“We’re goin’ fast and dirty, I told ya!”- Me on Daily Burn DB365!

I love this! The kind folks over at DB365 have put together this really cute segment on all of the silly things I have said during our workouts. We have so much fun, and we sweat a LOT! Join us on Daily Burn […]

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The Power of Saying I WANT


I have been a very naughty blogger in the past month. I have had zero consistency in keeping in touch with you, but there is a reason for that. No, I’m not hiding any crazy secret, and my well of bloggy topics did not dry up. I read this book, and had to prioritize a […]

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3 easy, actionable steps to have the best day ever, NOW.

Hey there!
There are lots of cool and amazing morning rituals out there to help you have the best day… writing gratitude lists, doing sun salutations, drinking hot lemon water, etc. And yes, these are all REALLY good. But as a coach, a toddler mom, and an entrepreneur, I find it most important to go after […]

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The One Word Standing Between You and Your Success

A few days ago, I received a Facebook message from a college friend of mine. She had seen that I put myself back on the Weight Watchers program to get back to my optimum shape (10.5 lbs down so far, yay!), and reached out to me about it. I LOVED what she said in her […]

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Ten Things To Do Right Now to Love Your Body

Warning: I swear in this post, so if you get offended by that kind of stuff, you might want to skip it. 😉

I’m having a moment. Last month I was OVER myself- I returned from my vacation and totally cringed at the photos at the girl starting back at me in the pictures. I felt […]

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