DIY stress relief for your tootsies

If you’re anything like me, you are on your feet a LOT.  Working out or walking to work, dancing barefoot or in heels, no matter what we do, we all have to stand on our own two feet. We put our entire body weight there all day long.  Without them, we’d have no balance at […]

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Last week I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jane Jourdan, the creator of the popular blog Fit For Broadway.  She wanted to interview me about Don’t Dodge the Dance Call and asked me to share a little of my background and story.  We had an awesome time and you can view the feature HERE (plus, there’s […]

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Vermont foodie retreat, anyone?

Hi friends!

I’m so excited to announce that I will be leading daily morning movement sessions for the Good Commons 6th Anniversary Food and Wine Weekend over Memorial Day!  Located in quaint, quiet Plymouth, Vermont, Good Commons is not only the most fabulous retreat center run by the most generous, loving people on earth, but it’s […]

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Don’t Dodge the Dance Call Featured on

Happy Dance!!!!!
My friends, Don’t Dodge the Dance Call is featured today on!   Check it out and share it with your friends!

I am launching the next session on Monday January 12, so you have time to check it out, get your first video for free, and then sign up to join us!  We are in […]

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Erika as guest blogger on!

Hey guys,

As most of you know, I am a Fabletics Master Instructor, which means that I am a representative of the brand and contributing expert on their blog.  Here is my first blog post, entitled “Easy as Pie Holiday Workouts”!!!  If you haven’t tried Fabletics sports and yoga wear, definitely check them out HERE and get […]

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Erika as contributing expert on

Hey guys!  Check out this cute little mention on!  The article is about how NOT to gain weight after your wedding, and I put my two cents in about drinking in moderation AND spending a little extra on the good stuff to save you some calories.   Check it out and let me know […]

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Erika mentioned in The Daily Makeover!

Hey guys!

Check out my advice on The Daily Makeover on how to look amazing NAKED!  I had a blast contributing to this article and it actually reminded me that there are so many small things you can do to make yourself feel good.  And when we FEEL good, we LOOK good.  

So get out there […]

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Dancing on your own… why it’s awesome

Today I had a consultation with a potential movement coaching client.  She is excited to teach dance fitness after just becoming certified, but she is having trouble connecting her mind’s vision of what she knows she can be to her body’s seeming awkwardness.  I’m excited to help her!  It made me think of the underlying issue […]

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News and Updates for ya!

Every once in a while, you look around and realize there is a lot happening, and you want to share the good stuff with your peeps (plus, connection just feels good).  This post is a big goody bag- during the past week I have compiled some sweet summer deals offered by yours truly and the closest […]

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How instructor moms get it all done

Check out this awesome post from SoulCycle about being a teacher AND a mom!  I am so grateful they asked me to talk about it!

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