largeHey guys!

Hope you had an amazing holiday weekend. Life is GOOD, right?

Today I want to talk to you about something that comes up a lot in the summer, with all of these weddings, backyard soirees, and dance parties happening. You could be at an upscale country club, an east side roof party, or an all inclusive booze cruise, and the common thread is this: there’s GONNA be dancing! AND, you’re GONNA be dancing-closely-with other people.

Here are a few tips for dancing with a partner (or several, you little sassypants, you!) to make everything as pleasurable as you can:


If you are holding hands to dance (in a traditional couple’s dance position), keep your grip firm but friendly. For the guys, it shows you know what you’re doing. For the gals, it shows you’re ready to be led (and gals, do please let the guys lead!).

Keep your arms framed with a little tension and use that tension to steer or be steered. Press down through your shoulders, engage your lats and lift your triceps to complete the frame.

Ladies, please do your part. I know Ginger Rogers made everything look effortless, but you have to hold yourself strong and centered to be a good partner. If you are doing lifts of any kind, you still have to jump. Use your muscles. Press down to go up.

Gents (I’ll say it again), please do YOUR part! Chivalry is not dead on the dance floor! Lead with confidence- be trustworthy and strong, and have a plan.


Hopefully you don’t have sweaty palms, but if you do, keep a hanky closeby so you can dry to the best of your ability before making contact. A little baby powder can do the trick if you want to plan ahead.

Generally, have clean freaking hands.

If it’s not such a formal affair but you’ll still be getting close, check your breath! Pop a little mint before whirling off into the sunset and you’ll feel a lot more confident.

Whether you’re in a partnering class as part of your summer intensive, or just out after hours in the Hamptons, wear your damn deodorant!  It’s summer, people! No one likes a stinky partner.


Make eye contact! It’s a great way to communicate without speaking, and it will just add to your irresistible sparkle.

TALK to each other. It helps break the ice and without any devices in our hands, can actually be quite charming!

Pick up on your partner’s energetic cues. If you’re trying to grind on them, and they’re not ready for that, they will back away a bit. This is helpful information for you if you want to keep dancing with that person. Back up a touch and continue dancing.

And most of all, HAVE FUN! Dancing with a partner can be super fun and incredibly romantic, so follow those guidelines and report back! And check out my fave partner dancing video right now– insane. If you have a funny/awesome/embarrassing  partnering story, be sure to share it with me- I love to hear from you!

Talk soon!