Hi there!

In my last blog, I told you I’d pop back in soon to continue the conversation on staying true to your purpose despite busy lives and tons of commitments. Well, POP! Here I am! But first, I’d like to check in with you. How are you doing in 2018? How are those resolutions/magic words/commitments to self coming along? They say that most people lose their will to change things for the better by the second week of February, and here we are. Are you still on track? Do you need a little help?

I ask because if you have changed your course or given up on a goal, you may be feeling a little crappy about that on some level. Maybe not even that detectable of a level, but it’s one of those moments when you realize you said you’d do something and you didn’t do it. Off-kilter integrity can feel an awful lot like defeat. If you feel this, it’s okay! There’s hope. After reading this, you’ll have a chance to tweak your goal to make it more user friendly. I’m going to give you three steps on how to actually do what you say you’ll do, with no drama, so you can live your life in integrity and feel GOOD about yourself!

Like I said, we all have very busy, very full lives. It is easy to derail on our resolutions because there’s so much noise all the time- always someone to meet, somewhere to be, or something else to do. But it’s time to stop the madness and think for a second about how you spend your time, and then do a little prioritizing. Call it a soulful reorganization, with the intent of staying true to your purpose.

Ready? Here we go:

STEP ONE: Create an ATTAINABLE goal. Did you say on 1/1 that you’d work out every day, when in reality you struggle to move your body just once a week? Daily workouts may not be attainable for you RIGHT NOW. Start with something you know you can adjust to, that you’re excited to try. Did you commit to writing an hour a day, but have such a busy schedule that you can’t seem to find the time? Time to revise the plan. Start with 15 minutes a day, or even an hour a week! You’ll be so excited you’re sticking to your guns that you’ll be inspired to push the envelope a little more, and it will feel more natural as you progress. Then you can really celebrate!

STEP TWO: Say YES to the NO. We all have good intentions. We want to do everything and please everyone. But trying to be the ultimate people pleaser is a losing game, because in the race to check off the boxes, you forget to please the most important person- YOU. And when you have commitments that require time (and most do), you must prioritize. When an opportunity presents itself, take a few minutes to breathe and ask yourself if the task is in line with your personal desire at this point in your life. I have definitely learned the hard way that just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean that you SHOULD. You are absolutely allowed to politely decline. Time is money. Which leads me to my final tip:

STEP THREE: Carve out the time. A job is a job, whether it’s for money or for personal growth. Treat your personal goals and bona fide gigs the same by scheduling time in your day to make them happen. A simple action like blocking off time in your calendar for your daily workout or writing time sends a message to your brain, telling it “Wow. She means business on this one. Better stick to it.” It works- trust me! Time is the one thing we can’t get back. Examine yours. Adjust accordingly. Once your priorities are straight, you’ll find you have so much more time to work at a leisurely pace, and still get ahead with your personal accomplishments. Stay organized, stay clear, and you’ll get the hang of moving things around to check off all of the boxes that really matter.

We are in the business of feeling good. There’s no room for icky integrity here- just streamline your days, stay very clear about what you want, scale it well, and the rest is gravy. What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments below!

See you next time. I’ll be talking about how to say what you really mean (and believe it too).

Happy revising!


P.S. If your goal has anything to do with movement, I might be able to help. You can learn to dance in Don’t Dodge the Dance Call. You can get a 21-day workout challenge delivered to your inbox with Strength In Motion. Go for it! I’m here for you!