Join me on November 21, 2016 for Gratitude in Motion: 21 Days of Movement for the Soul. 21 days, 21 moves to execute for only one minute (or as long as you wish) per day. The moves range from dynamic stretches to dance moves, and everything in between. Call it moving meditation, call it a one minute tune-up, it’s all of those things. It’s what you make it.

Why join? This is a way to say thank you to your body, for housing your heart, soul, strength, fears, aspirations for the past year(s). For stretching and striving and enduring and suffering and pushing. For the miracle of keeping you alive through breath and heartbeat. Take time to appreciate your ability to move. Just one minute a day in a moving meditation, for 21 days.

This 21 day challenge is free, my gift to you. Watch the video and Click here to register now!