Hey there!

I don’t know about you, but I am so happy it’s May! I’m keeping this update light today and just breezing through to give you a few updates on life and a few discounts you might want to grab! So here’s the latest from my desk:

1. You’ve got it MAY’D with this discount for Don’t Dodge the Dance Call! Grab my 4 week online dance basics bootcamp during the month of May with code MAYDIT and save $50 off the regular price! If you’ve been dragging your feet about buying the program, do it now because we jump back up to regular price on June 1.

2. Grab a copy of May’s Good Housekeeping Magazine to see some fitness from yours truly! In the monthly feature “Just 3 Moves,” I’ll show you 3 quick little steps that you can do at home for a mini- total body tone-up! Click here to see it online or grab a copy in stores today. And if you aren’t already a member of Daily Burn (WHY aren’t you, seriously), there’s a link in the feature that will not only give you your first month free, but your second month at 25% off! Woooohoooo!

3. Speaking of Daily Burn, this month will bring the launch of our brand new program for the Daily Burn library! It’s called POWER CARDIO and I am thrilled to have filmed THREE of the eight workouts for this program. I cannot wait to share more with you, but know it’s coming, and I hope you’re ready. I’m very proud of this, and am chomping at the bit to show it to you, but all in good time. Watch this space and in the meantime I’ll see ya at Daily Burn 365 before the week is out (wink wink)!

4. Check out my latest post on Backstage: 3 Simple Body Language Tricks that Will Make a Big Impression.  Whether it’s an audition or a simple job interview, you’ll find this post helpful.

5. Jump on a bike with me at SoulCycle this month– we are celebrating MOMS all month with our campaign “LIKE A MOTHER.” Come by for class and bring your mom, your aunts, your sisters! Stay for special treats, card-making stations, and much more. Check my schedule in the footer below and I’ll see you on a bike.

Happy May! Now get moving!