Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying a gentle, introspective January- I can honestly say that I have eased into this year more than ever before. I am working on a New Years project called Unravel Your Year, and it has given me such insight and direction as I start to write the book that is 2018. I’ll post a link below so you can check it out- it’s free and definitely not too late to begin! But first, I want to share with you something I’ve learned so far:

Part of the Unraveling project involves choosing a word that represents everything you stand for in 2018. Once you choose, you and use it as a compass for decision making, soul searching, and everything in between. I have DEFINITELY rolled my eyes at this exercise more than once in my life, but something felt different this year. I decided to try it and see if it would work. The word I painstakingly chose (seriously- I slept on it and everything) is RESPECT. Respect is defined as deep admiration, reverence, honor, admiration, courtesy. Good stuff, right? I chose RESPECT because I want to deeply honor my relationships, time, career, myself, and my truth. Even in the last two weeks, my magic word has given me clarity where before had only been jumbled thinking.

So what, you ask, does this have to do with you? Well, 2017 left so many people in my life more than a little deflated. Our social feeds (where, admit it, we spend lots of time) are inundated with “fake news” and photoshop. It’s challenging to find the respect- even for ourselves- as we fulfill our social obligations to plug other people’s products and pimp our fitness classes. We are quick to put down others, compete for engagement, and make ourselves small. We alter our reality for the sake of likes. I have also witnessed IRL spats in my studios between adults that would make innocent children blush. I’m simply not seeing a lot of respect. So we’re going to spend some time on it, because if I have learned anything in these past two weeks, honoring yourself and your feelings feels GOOD, and then you’re happier, and then you’re not an a-hole to people. Ya dig?

So how do we stay true to our purpose and represent ourselves with respect, while still fulfilling our obligations and living our lives? In my next three posts, I’ll be writing about how to use your personal influence in a POSITIVE and effective way. We will break down the following:

* How to actually do what you say you will do with no drama
* How to say what you really REALLY mean, all the time
* How to actually believe it enough that others do too (yes, it IS possible to say what you mean and not believe it at the same time)

So keep your eyes peeled in your inbox for this mini-series on supercharging your positive influence. If you’ve come to this page from a link, sign up for the mailing list so you don’t miss it! And in the meantime, if you’d like to unravel YOUR year, click here to download the free workbook (by the way- not sponsored- I just really like it!)! Special thanks to my friend Francesca for sharing it with ME!

I’ll leave you today with two articles about new beginnings: one for starting off right with your career in 2018 (I am quoted), and one I wrote on how to break into teaching fitness, if that’s something you’re thinking of doing! Also, I still have one fitness mentoring slot available for February. If you are interested in becoming a fitness instructor or improving your skills as a teacher, email me at erika@erikashannon.com to set up a free consultation!

Otherwise, I will see you in class at SoulCycle, on air at Daily Burn (now’s the perfect time to grab your free trial), or online at Don’t Dodge the Dance Call!

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Have a great day!