We interrupt our regularly scheduled blog to bring you a GUEST POST!

Today I’m sharing thoughts from a dear friend named Jonas Cohen. We met at the Daily Burn studio- he is an actor and one of our live participants on Daily Burn 365. Jonas has a way with words and a heart of gold, and last week he posted something on our community Facebook page about one of my workouts that had aired a few days prior. What he wrote was so poignant that I asked him if he would mind if I shared it with you on the blog.

Jonas’ post deals with failure; how it can paralyze you or make you feel defeated, but is absolutely necessary for growth. Failing on purpose is a strong and brave choice. Scroll down to read Jonas’ take on failure. And be sure to follow his adventures on Instagram!


ON FAILURE…Or, Be Strong, Be Wrong.

By Jonas Cohen

I have to say, I generally have no trouble failing. I don’t know if I do it well, or gracefully, or with any sort of aplomb that would make me look good in a montage video with inspiring music behind it. But man, I sure can mess things up (relationships, my diet, my consistency in exercise, blah blah blah). To be honest, I hate that, although I think I’m not the only one that feels that way.

Getting it wrong is a thing that I will scold myself for when I ought to be treating myself with a little more kindness and care – like the way I would treat that precious inner child we all have! So how can I possibly use the failures to best advantage when all I really wanna do is wallow and just pretend like I’ve grown from it?

Well…as it happens, our dear trainer Erika gave us a pretty interesting kickboxing workout this past week. I wanted to write a little something about it, but couldn’t find the hook (pardon the pun). As Erika warned before we started, the workout would keep the brain AND body moving. There were some tricky combinations to remember. I think even my medulla oblongata was sweating by the end!

During the workout, Erika said to potential newbies (and I’m paraphrasing), ‘If you haven’t worked out with me before just come along with me.’ Erika doesn’t stop the workout to demonstrate. She just goes and makes you learn it on the fly. As someone who teaches dance I suspect Erika understands that our fear might very well get in the way of learning any sort of choreography. So she doesn’t stop for the fear, she just goes and asks us to go along with her. I love that.

And so off we went. From time to time, I would get cocky when I managed to perfect the combination, only to feel like a shnook the very next time when I messed it up! Fact is, I kept failing. Sometimes I succeeded…but more often than not I messed up…and yet…I know I’m stronger for it. My cardio is stronger, my body is stronger, my ability to pick up that kind of choreography is stronger, and my confidence is stronger. All because I kept getting it wrong over and over.

As we push play each day, there’s an opportunity to get it wrong a lot for a solid 30 minutes. All of that failure means an opportunity for strength, for joy, and for growth. So here’s to failing this week and beyond! #BeStrongBeWrong

Jonas Cohen