Last week in yoga, my teacher based our practice on the idea of sustainability– we honored and acknowledged the things in life that keep us on the right track, and the tools we use to bring us back when we’ve strayed from the path. defines sustainability as “The ability to be sustained, supported, upheld, or confirmed. I personally love that the passive act of being supported is defined as an ability. You have to know HOW to ALLOW. When we practice sustainability, we allow something or someone to provide what we need, whether it’s love, water, food, oxygen, or sleep. I’ll take it a step further- when we know what we need, we have to actively keep it within our reach.

I have been hospitalized (twice!) for dehydration, so the concept of sustainability is an important one for me. Just last week, I started feeling side effects of dehydration and immediately knew that I had to recalibrate if I was going to be able to function. I could have yelled at myself for letting it happen again when I should know better, but I choose to focus on recognizing the signs in time to stop any damage from being done. I am now able to interrupt the pattern so I don’t end up back in the hospital. This is progress. Over the years (and with the help of a few teachers along the way), I’ve acquired the tools to counteract my dehydration. I put those tools to work until I get ahead again. But wouldn’t it be better if I had a daily practice for sustaining my hydration levels? Yes. Yes it would.

So what about you? I have two questions:

1. What sustains you? What do you need in your life to keep you functioning at your best? Know that this isn’t just about vitals like food and water. It’s alone time, sex, touch, a clean home… all of these sustain us too and there is no wrong answer.

2. How will you adjust your lifestyle to keep your needs at arm’s reach?We cannot thrive unless we are fully alive. We need support to succeed. And maybe if you’re stuck on the cusp of where you are and where you want to be, it’s just a matter of prioritizing what sustains you and reaping the benefits of total satiation.

I have one more question:

Do you need help making sustainability a practice?

I have something that will definitely help.

My dear friend and mentor Patricia Moreno has created a year-long, online mind-body-spirit program called THE PRACTICE, designed to help keep you in a high-performance state of mind and body, one day at a time. It kicks off on February 27 with a four-week course, and after that will be a monthly focus on making progress, solidifying practices, and strengthening the body. You’ll get daily audio meditations, access to Patricia’s intenSati cardio, yoga and stretch workouts, monthly lesson plans, and admission into her support community. It’s going to be amazing. And it will set you up to create SUSTAINABLE change in your life, as well as access to your best ideas, responses, and self. Watch the video here to learn more!

I am proud to be an affiliate of this program, and Patricia has generously offered a 25% discount code to members of my mailing list! So use this link to register, and at checkout enter code theplive for your discount.

Here’s to making life better through sustainable action. Let me know what you’re working on and how I can support you, and I look forward to seeing you in class or online.