I have been a very naughty blogger in the past month. I have had zero consistency in keeping in touch with you, but there is a reason for that. No, I’m not hiding any crazy secret, and my well of bloggy topics did not dry up. I read this book, and had to prioritize a few things to make it through the month with success. Sometimes you have to temporarily put things on hold to plug away at the really big stuff.

For several months, I knew that September was going to be a doozy. I spent much of August planning for it, and thought I was good to go, but then I did ONE THING I hadn’t planned on doing, and it just blew up my world in the best way.

I asked for more.

WTF!? WHY, you ask, did I ask for more when I had such a full plate? The truth is I didn’t realize when I asked how quickly it would come. I had forgotten how this ask-and-it-is-given thing works. Here’s how it went down:

In July, I blogged about an audition I went to; how it gave me an “OH SHIT” moment and made me realize how, while I was pretty satisfied with my life, I still wanted more.

I want to be a bigger influence in the community.
I want to make a bigger impact.
I want to make a bigger difference in helping people move their bodies.
I want to be known for my work, on a big scale.

Once I knew what I wanted, I just HAD to talk about it. I started telling everyone- I told my husband, my boss at SoulCycle, my business partner, my family, friends and students. I told anyone who asked “How are you?” And it just seeped out there. And almost immediately, people I barely knew (and therefore did NOT tell about my newfound strengthening wants) started approaching me to do some glorious things, which (no surprise!) have brought me exactly what I asked for, and so much more.

I became a Lululemon Ambassador.
I am so proud to be one of six teachers to represent Lululemon in their new store at the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, opening October 16. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to reach a larger audience with my work at SoulCycle and beyond, and the welcome I’ve received into this family has been completely unexpected and nothing short of stellar. Keep an eye out here to stay updated about in-store community events I’ll be offering, and stop by when the store opens on OCTOBER 16 to see my picture blown up on the wall, and meet my five insanely kick ass new ambassador friends! Holy crap these people are next level masters. (Addendum: I have been an ambassador for other fitness brands before, but I have NEVER experienced the level of uplifting support that Lululemon has given me. It’s night and day. And it’s only the beginning.)

I became an Expert Contributor for Backstage!
Some of you may know a little thing I do called Don’t Dodge the Dance Call ;)… my 4-week online beginner dance bootcamp generated a little buzz in the NYC trade papers, and I was approached by the industry leader Backstage to become a contributing expert for them. This is my first foray into writing for a big fancy publication, and I’m SO excited. You’ll see a little something from me on Backstage.com once a month from now on, and my first article will be live THIS MONDAY October 12! In the meantime, check out my bio page!

I made my debut on The Daily Burn!

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 1.01.57 PM
This is the big one. Remember that audition I talked about in my blog I linked to above? Well, it was for Daily Burn, a totally awesome subscription-based site where you can stream your workouts from home or on the go. And while I didn’t get the original position for which I was auditioning, they DID circle back around and ask me to become one of their trainers on Daily Burn 365 (now in beta). It’s a daily, live workout airing at 9am on DailyBurn.com, and the idea is you log on from wherever you are, and work out with me and my class in real time, with the added benefit of live chat and other fun bells and whistles. The GREAT news is that even though it’s still in beta, DB365 is now accessible to ALL of Daily Burn’s 100,000+ subscribers, so join up now with a free 30-day trial and work out with me. I’ll be doing at least three shows in October, so stay connected with me on social media and I’ll let you know when it is for sure! But seriously, talk about more exposure- yikes! I was SO FREAKING NERVOUS to do my first workout in front of so many strangers, but AGAIN, the support was incredible, and I had a blast! I’m really grateful to have been chosen for this team, which is chock full of experts at the top of their game (both in front of AND behind the camera). I’m honored to be a part of it and still kind of can’t believe they picked me. but I DO, friends, because they DID. Bam.

So what’s the moral of the story?

ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT. But BE READY, because you’re going to get it.  Tweet:

In my beloved IntenSati practice, which started me on my path in the fitness world, we used to say this at the end of class:

“What I desire is HERE NOW, and it is revealing itself in greater amounts than I could ever imagine.”

Pardon my irreverence, but you’re damn right it is! Holy shit!

So…wanna try? Comment below and tell me what you want. DO IT. I want it for you too.

And of course, if you have someone in your life who you think would dig this blog, go ahead and share it with them! I’ll see you next time- thanks for being part of my cyber life!

Supporting you always,